Name Description
deleteAfterDelete Run script after delete entry
updateAfterUpdate Run script after update entry
insertAfterInsert Run script after insert entry
listFormStart Run script on start of Form element
listBeforeTable Run script before Table element
Name Description
modifyLayout Modify form layout
modifyColumnsProperties Modify properties of columns
modifyLabelFormInputError Modify label error in validation
deleteModifyResponse Modify label error in validation
modifyValidationRulesJS Modify javascript validation rules
updateModifyValidationRules Modify validation rules for update action
updateModifyRequest Modify Request parameters for update action
updateModifyResponse Modify Response for update action
insertModifyValidationRules Modify validation rules for insert action
insertModifyRequest Modify Request parameters for insert action
insertModifyResponse Modify Response for insert action
listModifyColumns Modify selected columns
listModifySearch Modify search functionality such as custom search