This is a custom columns example. It provide functionality to add custom column if you need to add extra column to replace actions column or checkbox to provide bulk action. You can use addCustomColumn, addCustomColumnAsFirstColumn and addCustomColumnAfterColumn methods for add custom column. In this example I add status custom column.

	$Scaffolding= new Scaffolding("categories");
	// Set columns manually
	$columns       = array('no', 'name', 'actions');
	// Add custom column status
	$statusColumn= array(
	    'callback'=>array($this, 'statusColumn'),
	$Scaffolding->addCustomColumnAfterColumn('name', $statusColumn);
	// $Scaffolding->addCustomColumn($statusColumn);
	// $Scaffolding->addCustomColumnAsFirstColumn($statusColumn);
	$content= $Scaffolding->render();
	$parameters= array(
	return view('demo', $parameters);

This is callback for status custom column.

	* Status column
	* @return  void
    public function statusColumn()
    	echo 'active';
1 Teste active
2 Test111 active
3 test active
4 sasasdsadaaa active
5 Sarel active
6 sadasd active
7 rfvddwfw active
8 raja active
9 qqq active
10 Prova active
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